This Is For You

Went a bit mental with fruit today. DON'T PANIC, I cleaned it up...mostly...
This is for you.
With your hair, shoulders, and toes.
With all your features (including your nose).
I hope your day is clear and your heart is brimming.
May your showers be hot and your racehorses be winning.
I wish that your feet aren't too cold, and that your smile isn't too small.
I know someone appreciates you, morning breath and all.
You may not feel so special, in your grimy pyjamas.
You may want to escaped, to say, the Bahamas.
But your trap isn't in this time full of tears.
You're stronger than these feelings, whatever your mind hears.
Maybe nothing went right.
So the toothpaste's gone missing.
You're expressing your problems but nobody's listening.
The wind blew a storm, now you're catching a cold.
Your oats were too soggy, and the bread's growing mold.
Your cat got upset and hid under the bed.
(You're thinking it's time for a dog instead).
But I appreciate you.
You're a good sort.
And that's all.
This silly serenade.
I hope you're doing okay.
God bless and good day.

Madison xx


Design:Maira Gall.