You Have An Army

It has never been my ambition to be a general. Or a private. Or a chief (wait, no, that's an Indian thing). I know a girl who is training to be in the army, and that's where she's going to go when she leaves school. Wash my socks and call me Sandra, you wouldn't catch me wearing the camouflage uniform for nothing. I'd be constantly distracted by the beauty of the fields, my cold toes, and the lack of bacon and maple syrup in my diet. I don't like being dirty, and I used to fight this notion. My 5-yr-old jaw would set, I would try not to squirm and struggle to keep in my disgust, concerning my sticky hands. But my soul has been at peace since I have accepted that dirt isn't a substance I like to keep in close company. Dirt isn't bad, I think it can be artistic when used in the right sense, but if it's touching my hair, nails, or skin, then either myself or The Filth has crossed an unholy boundary. Honestly, if I suggested going into the army to either of my parents, their first reaction would be a full 3 second audible belly cachinnate. (I offer no disrespect to those currently in the army, or those previously, instead I admire you with wondrous confusion.)

But I now have an army.

"You are are a general, with an army of minutes at your command."

No dirt involved.

I think I love this quote because it reminds me that each minute counts. It cautions me to the importance of maximising each 60 seconds. Social media can be distracting, and Facebook and Youtube can take up an hour of my day if let my little army run astray. But I strive to be an excellent leader and commander, and to keep my soldiers in line (a clean line).

It's much harder to waste time when you are aware that every single minute is accounted for. You are bonded to your squad of infantry by the necessity of Time. The indestructible tick of the clock.

Think of this: your marines might die, if you are foolish with your time.

Madison xx


  1. Such a lovely piece of writing, you have a lovely talent:)

  2. awk such a inspirational qoute, and the meaning it has to you ,is just so amazing :)

  3. Loving this — I am the commander of my own amount of minutes, to utilize them as I see fit. What an excellent concept, particularly for a procrastinator such as myself. ;)

    Jessica //

  4. Lovely post Madison! I did not knew this quote and that is something I needed to ear as I sometimes feel like I'm not controling my own time with everything I have to do.


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