licorice soap + crazy sunday

 How cute is this? My friend gave me it for my birthday (which was a few months ago but it's always good to spread things out). It's actually soap, and she picked it up from a market in the summertime. Along with the soap came a massive tub of all sorts. Everything in me is very thankful and pleased, except maybe my stomach because the tub only lasted me 2 days. It said it contains 20 servings - but I feel like there needs to be a different calculation made if it's your favourite food, because A) the portions will inevitably be bigger and B) more portions will be (self) served. Licorice is my favourite food. Structurally that is a weak sentence, but it really doesn't matter, because I speaketh the truth. 

And so you're wondering what the second part of the title means. Picture this: I was sitting on my friends couch, baggy pyjamas, sleepy eyes, and frizzy sheep hair. I had stayed the night at her house and we did grown up things like watch High School Musical. The phone rang, and I am informed that someone will arrive in 2 minutes to take me to my appointment at 10am. The time is 9am. I am alarmed but everything is still slightly foggy by sleep. Someone hits the fast forward button, and I ran from the sunken couch with such energy that I surprised even myself. I vaguely grabbed around in the darkness for my backpack. I stopped. I realised that it might be a good idea to switch the light on. Oh right. *flick* I disabled the entire contents of my bag, and then reassembled them in blind haste. I concluded I did not have time for a shower, so I picked up a stray can of deodorant and sprayed it about the room in wild grandeur. Hopefully some of it landed on me. I am usually excellent at managing my time, but this morning was not a fine example, as I ran out of time to brush my teeth. My ride rang the doorbell and I stumbled out, clutching in my right hand the tub of liquorice. No questions asked. 

We had to stop at some office buildings, and I was offered the option of showering. I nodded meekly (maybe the deodorant hadn't landed where I hoped it would?). Only one catch: I would have to shower in the mens bathroom. 

I contemplated.

No one was around and the door was locked, so I did it. How utterly scandalous. You'll be pleased to know that I was finishing applying makeup to my left eyebrow when I pulled up to my appointment. My breakfast was a healthy handful of all sorts which quickened my senses and at least made my breath sweeter. 

I got home and fell straight into a 3 hour nap, like falling into a deep, deep bottomless hole, a pleasant occupation for a Sunday afternoon. 

How do you like to spend your Sunday afternoons? 

Madison xx


  1. really cute indeed :)

  2. This looks so pretty! It also looks delicious haha!

    Sarah |

  3. Your blog is lovely, love the photographs and layout x

  4. i thought this was food haha so cute!

    danielle | avec danielle

  5. your blog posts are so cute! really enjoyed reading them! :)

  6. Your posts are really well written! Check mine out, more posts coming soon!

  7. love the story and that soap looks so cool

  8. Is that a soap!!? How can a soap be so pretty?!!!!
    Aleeha xXx

  9. That soap is seriously cool! you have such a lovely style of writing and your blog is gorgeous! I can't wait to read more posts! X

  10. This soap looks like food. I love it! And your blog is so nice♥♥.

  11. great to read your blog.


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