The Perks of a Summer Christmas

I'm one of the 750 million to live in the Southern Hemisphere. We're a cumbersome lot, we like to complain about the weather, but we've fostered the Hemsworth brothers and we give shelter to most of the oceanic population. But I've never seen more disgust than when I see an American react to me mentioning a 'warm Christmas.' It's like a banana flavoured marshmallow. They think it should not happen.

Most Christmas songs are created in the Northern Hemisphere, so it means we have to adjust. We still sing on and on about Frosty the Snowman, a Cold December Night and we even dream of a White Christmas, while searing a piece of steak on the BBQ. We also like to pointlessly spray our windows with fake-snow-in-a-can, even though it's hard to get off, made in China and extremely toxic. Well, we're not going to get any white snowflakes from our sunburn, are we?

But there are perks. Amidst bad tan lines and brain freeze, there are perks. 

1. We get christmas jumpers on sale. While everyone is out spending their money on lit up knitted frippery, we sit at home, sipping ale, refreshing the ASOS webpage until all festive wear is officially 70% off. We laugh! Because for once we've outsmarted the seasonal sales. Just as it's coming into our winter, our jumpers arrive and we rip open the tape and hug the smelly packaging. There's the issue of being completely out of style and season, but if you buy the ones with polar bears on them, you can pretend they are really, really, really, really cold bears. (Or just wear it at home.)

2. The New Year is bright, beautiful and sunny. January is the crispest month of the year, because the sun is out and flip flops are in. The sun is shining down on our fresh diaries and we can make our resolutions while bathing on a deck chair, observing the lush greenery and hearkening the summery sounds. 

3. The summer break is twice as long. December, January and February are ruthlessly hot and everyone lies baking in the heat until the oven gets turned off sometime in March. The holiday ends just as you are starting to get itchy with nothing to do (and flaky sunburn). It's quite fantastic to have a long summer to look forward to immediately after Christmas. And to have unlimited hours to play your new ukulele (that's what I'm getting for christmas). 

4. We get to play sport all day. Our Christmas day games are only limited by our imagination, and at the very least we complete 4 rounds of golf, cricket, handball, soccer and hockey. All on a lawn, with a bunch of grandparents and a swimming pool in the way. All the kids run around with no shoes on and the chances of people cheating are increased by 80% because everyone is too jolly to care. 

5. Christmas dinner is usually outside. And half the meat is barbecued. We spoon cranberry sauce underneath a clear and cloudless sky, and no one can complain when the light breeze blows away our colourful christmas cracker crowns. Bad jokes are shared amidst the smell of sunscreen, and our christmas photos are taken while squinting and yelling at Grandad to NOT press the video button. 

I conclude. To have a hot christmas isn't a bad thing, and it isn't as messed up as everyone Canadian I have talked to thinks it is.

The only thing I ask is this: that we invent a summer outfit for Santa Claus. Because, forcing middle aged men to dress up in full length red and white fleece, in the beating heat, is a terrible, sweaty crime. It is a serious oversight on behalf of whoever created our white bearded hero, and it has made for many SMELLY childhood memories. 

Have you ever experienced a hot Christmas? Do you want to? 

Madison xx 


  1. I feel like you understand the struggle! Living in Nz means all the snow posts and things just don't work for us! Thank you for this !

    Georgia xx

  2. Nice post♥

  3. For me a christmas isn't right without snow but this post has made me realise that actually there are many perks to not have the snow. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your posts and I was just wondering how you got the layout of your blog to look so nice x

  5. Haha this was such a cute and inventive post, I loved it!
    -Morgan x

  6. I am from Germany, so I am used to a cold christmas and I have had some white ones (though this year it is way too warm and snow is nowhere near close) but I would love to just ones in my life experience a hot christmas :)
    As I am used to a cold christmas and I love a white christmas I don't think I would want it every year but it is definitely on the list of things I want to experience in life, even before you mentioned all the perks of a hot christmas ;)
    Loved the post btw :)
    Have a lovely day,
    Jenny Side Up

  7. Just found your blog today and am loving it! Coming from a fellow Aussie, I wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes I get jealous of the big wooly scarves and snowy mornings but I totally think our backyard cricket and BBQs take the cake ;)

    -Caitie x

  8. As someone who lives in Australia, I could not agree more! I sometimes wish that we got the fires and hot chocolate and snuggly Christmas jumpers, but then I think about how amazing a warm Christmas is and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
    Love the post!

  9. Spending Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is on my bucket list of things to do before I die.That's so weird to understand for some people but personaly the idea seems amazing to me. I live in France and even though we don't always have a white christmas it's winter so it's cold or rainy or both, christmas dinner is always pretty much the same stuff and we can never enjoy our christmas break outside. I am so jealous of you (kind of because of the Hemsworth brothers though! :p ).


  10. Just found your blog, and I feel your pain/joy! I live in the Philippines where the weather is basically sunny or rainy. I wore shorts for Christmas, as if it's just another summer day. I do wish I'll get to try layering clothes, but I just think that at least I'm not freezing all the time!

  11. I love this!! I really enjoyed reading it!! :)


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