5 Favourite Classic Musicals

Musicals will always be my favourite distraction. It's not often that I hear broadway numbers on the radio/in the public sphere, but if I do ever hear one, it's likely that I'll know the song AND be able to perform it (right here, right now). I have a particular friend who gets acutely embarrassed when this happens (finale from the Lion King in the freezer isle - understandable, I guess) and it makes the experience THE TINIEST BIT more pleasurable. It's not all easy going, though. It can be dangerous, because after a good old sing along, I suddenly don't like my life anymore. I don't want to be shopping for cheese and letting the elderly cut in front of me.  

I want to be tap dancing next to Gene Kelly, holding a jug of beer that I don't intend to finish. 

1) Singin' In The Rain. As proof of how unsafe musical theatre can be for me, the last time I watched this (live!!!) I came home and ruined everybody else's weekend by taping coins to the bottom of a pair of dress flats, then letting my feet have free reign on a wooden plank. The complaints started rolling in about minus 5 minutes before I began. 

2) Hello Dolly. You know that scene where Barbara powders her nose in the middle of a sophisticatedly deceitful love song? Probably the most re-enacted clip by Me. Oh, you thought I started wearing powder foundation to look better? Huh. 

3) Take Me Out to the Ball Game. These tunes have been glued to my vocal chords since time began, and I'll probably never stop trying to swim like Esther Williams - how so graceful? How so little splashing? How such impeccable composure? 

4) The Pajama Game. I get shivers of excitement just thinking about all the solos and twirling skirts there are in this movie. If you want to know how I learnt to catch an apple while riding along on a trolley, then you can thank Doris Day/watch her do it (better than me). She rocked the short blonde haircut more than Miley Cyrus ever has/will. 

5) My Fair Lady. Another legend, that has inspired elegant defiance and feminine strength, Audrey Hepburn sings her way through a touching and exciting (remember when she yells out at the race horse?) musical.   

While this world can fill my TV screen with newer jazzy titles (I hear rumours of High School Musical 4 - ok, now I feel old), you will still find me clinging to my black and white DVDs, vacuuming the floor to a Frank Sinatra classic. That's my life, really. 

What's your favourite musical?

madison x 


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  2. Awww such a cute collection of movies! I haven't seen all of them but I intend to now! There is something so cozy about old movies on these rainy spring days!
    xx Annie


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