My week just started. It's Monday. I don't know how I feel about that. I feel better, though, now that John Mayer has a new album out. Act cool and stay calm - it's called "The Search for Everything," with classic, R&B tones throughout, filled in with stylish guitar riffs and simplistic piano accompaniment. No one likes stress, which is why this album includes none, only laid-back tunes that make me feel like it's still Sunday afternoon. Yas.

It was inspired by a break-up (see the title?) but because Mayer wrote it in spring 2014, when it came to production, two years was long enough to heal and it got a happy ending. The low-key antics of the two guitars make it a distinctly R&B track. The kind of song that makes me want to create filtered video montages of my amazing life. Feels.

IT SOUNDS LIKE THE TOY STORY SOUNDTRACK. This song is also sweet, honest, and open, and floats along as a piano ballad. Mayer did this in one take - and says he wouldn't be able to conquer the vocals again if he tried. Halfway angelic, it carries a soulful and comforting message, my favourite lyric: 'life is full of sweet mistakes, and love's an honest one to make.'

This track is simple and sincere, with a hint of country, the message being "I'm still changing". I find that integrity is more vibrant than a faked suspense, and listening to this song feels like walking through a grand landscape with no shoes and no cares. Or a single soul, trekking a lone track through an empty town, singing the depth of their personal reflections. 

Yeah, the harmonies in this one are bomb. And yes, this track is engineered in classic Mayer style, with a hint a pop. It falls and fades, and takes you on a subway ride through love, with the touch of reality that Mayer always includes. The lyrics are minimalistic, and you never quite know where you are, but that's kind of uplifting sometimes.

This quad of songs lifted the mood and lowered the importance of anything. Sometimes it's easier to relax and do nothing. Are you a John Mayer fan? Thoughts? 

Madison xx 


  1. I don't listen to that much John Mayer, but after you breaking it down and going into detail about it. I'm super curious! I might have to listen to a few songs

    Mandeville Sisters

    1. Yeah! My fave song by him is Free Fallin' xx

  2. I'm not sure why I don't listen to John Mayer that much, but your list made me listen to a good hour of John Mayer playlists! Great post!!

    Beatriz // My Blog

  3. My favourite song has to be moving on and getting over! Its just so chill and makes me feel calm.
    Absolutely loved this post!

    -SK xxx

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